The Farm Boy and Stork Story

CalfStork and Baby


At the time when I was a small boy growing up on a farm sex education was definitely not practised by parents. I obviously watched the bull humping the cows, the rams doing likewise with the ewes and the roosters chasing after the hens and doing what they do best.

At some stage I asked my mother where babies come from. I was told by my mother that babies were delivered to their mothers by the stork. This was not the answer that I wanted  as I had watched the cows giving birth to their calves. The pregnant cows when they were due to calve, were placed in a paddock near the homestead

There were about half a dozen storks in a paddock on the other side of the homestead. I was one very confused little guy. I could not understand in my little mind why the storks were not in the same paddock as the cows. When I wanted an explanation  it was not forthcoming from my mother. For many years after this I was teased by my brothers about this.

The moral of this story is that you must not lie to your children.

Butch Hannan