Joe the Homing Horse and Jimmy the Pub Dog

This story is told at the expense of my brother John who passed away a couple of years ago. Most of the supplies we needed for the farm were purchased in Lydenburg. John would go to Lydenburg  to do the shopping for the supplies that were required. He was normally accompanied by Jimmy a fox terrier.

When they got to town Jimmy would hop off the truck and do what male dogs do best. After Jimmy had finished his rounds he would go and wait patiently for John on the pavement outside the hotel door. This was an announcement to the local inhabitants that John was in town and in the local pub. As this was embarrassing to John it ended up with poor Jimmy being left at home.

As his habit was, John would go to the local hotel for refreshments and a bar lunch. This visit to the hotel normally ended up with John over staying his welcome there and generally getting himself into an inebriated state. How he got back to the farm only the Good Lord knew.

Back at the farm the rest of the family were peeved off because of the state he was in. John in a fit of temper would decide that he was going to leave home. He would put a couple of belongings in a bag, saddle up a big white horse called Joe and leave home. This event normally happened just before dark as John could be seen disappearing down the road to no doubt seek greener pastures.

We know that homing pigeons have the ability to get back home. Joe the horse also obviously had this ability. In my mind I can picture what happened with John and Joe. My brother in his rather drunken state would fall asleep in the saddle on the horse. Joe would turn around and head back to his stable on the farm. In the early morning we would find John still sitting in the saddle on Joe in the stable fast asleep. How or why he remained in the saddle and did not fall off is a secret between John and Joe.
Butch Hannan

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