Selective Journalism

Why is it that when a robbery, hijacking, or murder or any other crime takes place no mention is made of the colour of the perpetrator. In the press both English and Afrikaans we read about how robbers broke into a certain house, tied the occupants up, sometimes raping the women and torturing, killing people and ransacking the house and eventually departing in the house owners vehicle with all their loot. No mention is made as to whether the robbers are White, Black, Coloured, Indian or Chinese.

If a white farmer commits a crime against one of his workers the journalists leave you in no doubt as to the colour of the individual especially if he happens to be Afrikaans. Is this fair in a “Democratic” country.

When prisoners escape we are warned not to try and apprehend them as they are dangerous with no mention of the colour. With all due respect if I have to watch out for a dangerous criminal I need to know exactly what to look for.

Let us get real. What are the odds in South Africa that if you wake up in the middle of the night with three armed men staring at you that they will be white. I do not think you will find a bookie who will give you odds of 1000 to 1.

Butch Hannan

One Reply to “Selective Journalism”

  1. If you report that a white man stole a bar of soap he will not jump up and down and call you a racist. But if you report anything where you mention a dark race they use racism as the excuse to get away with it. I think the newspapers are too scared to name the race because they will be accused of racism but in fact racisms is what they do in South African newspapers each day.

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