Contract For Politicians

When the time comes round for the elections, we, the long suffering voters of South Africa are subjected to all sorts of promises in exchange for our vote. We are bombarded  over television, radio, the printed media and at public meetings as to why we should vote for a particular party. You will never hear a political party actually say we have made a mess please vote for us. Every party is looking for your vote and will tell you what you would like to hear so that you vote for them.

Elections seem to bring the worst out of people. Much of the time is spent on trying to put the opposition in a bad light. Promises and more promises and we have a plan to fix what is wrong in our country are shouted from various platforms

Would we have politicians if we made them sign a contract for our vote? This contract could take the following format.

Joe Politician for your vote Joe Voter
undertake to do the following for you:-

a. I will not sleep in Parliament.
b. I will not submit false claims to get extra money.
c. I will stop all bribery, corruption and graft in our country.
d. I will make sure that everyone who wants to work will get a job.
e. I will make sure that every family will have a house.
f. I will eradicate all crime.
g.I will make sure that everyone will have access to decent and affordable health care.
h. I will sort out the education system.

Should I Joe Politician
within six months have failed to achieve all the above I will resign my position and will not be entitled to receive any gratuity of any nature whatsoever. Furthermore as I have not earned my last six months salary I undertake to pay it to a nominated charity.

Signed Joe Politician____________                              Signed Joe Voter____________

Would we still have politicians?  What a wonderful dream.

Butch Hannan

4 Replies to “Contract For Politicians”

  1. Too many politicians on both sides have made too many promises that have been so easily forgotten or just plain dismissed and it seems that we just accept it. Bush and Cheney have lied MANY times and they are still the president, The Democratic Congress made promise after promise that they would investigate the Bush administrations corruption and that hasnt happened yet, Bill Clinton promised ‘healthcare for everyone’ if you vote for me in the past and that never happened either. Are people THAT afraid that they have to give themselves false hope by believing experienced liars?

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