Endangered Species

White ManBlack Rhino


The above are all endangered species on the African continent but for very different reasons.

The poor Black Rhino has almost been killed to the point of extinction for the very large horn on its head. The inhabitants of the far eastern countries believe that if the rhino horn is ground into a powder and ingested it has amazing aphrodisiac powers. There is no scientific evidence to support this. In their minds they are convinced it has these powers and go to great lengths and expense to get their hands on rhino horn.

The magnificent and majestic Cheetah was at one stage greatly sought after for its beautiful skin. The high society people loved to have coats made from the cheetah skin. The animal right activists have thankfully put a spanner in the works and the Cheetah should survive.

The last creature under threat is the White Man. It is difficult to see why he is close to extinction on the African continent. He does not have a horn that is worth speaking about and his skin is next to worthless. Maybe it is his superior intellect that makes him a threatened species.

Butch Hannan

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