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In the South Africa we live in today there are a lot of words and phrases which have acquired somewhat different meanings to their intended meanings. Here are some of the more interesting one’s for you to ponder on. The comments in red type are my interpretation of what these sayings and words actually mean in our everyday life.

Service Delivery. The intended meaning is the provision of decent roads, sanitation, electricity, schools, clinics, health services, housing and many other things to make life more decent.

The actual meaning of these two words is self enrichment scheme where public funds are delivered into the pockets of service delivery officials.

Bail. One of the intended meanings is money paid to guarantee the appearance in court of an accused person who is temporarily released.

In today’s life it means that the accused has purchased a licence to commit even more murders, rapes, robberies, hijackings etc.

Commission of Enquiry. To find out the truth about a specific incident or event.

How best to camouflage the wrongs committed and to exonerate the perpetrators. To transfer the transgressors to a section where there is even more money available to line their pockets.

We have a plan of action. Normally a course of action to rectify something.

We do not know what to do. We are absolutely “cooking clueless” about what course of action to take.

Education System. Supposedly to impart knowledge and skills to all the people so that they can succeed in their chosen stations in life.

We must teach the people useless subjects of no real value. We must not let the masses become too clever otherwise they will realize what we are doing and kick us out.

Deploy. Spread out; place troops etc. in good positions.

We owe a lot of people for being good members of our organization. As a reward we will appoint them to high positions such as Mayors and C E O’s of various state departments. It does not matter if they do not have the skills to do the job properly. If they fail we will just move them up the line to another position. There are plenty more people to take their place.

Racial Discrimination. To discriminate against any person on racial grounds.

Only white people can be guilty of racism, never ever the black people!!!! If something is going against you bring out the race card which will take the pressure off you.

Taxi A small licensed bus for conveying fare paying passengers to their destinations.

The ultimate weapon of mass destruction for the sole purpose of transgressing all the road rules of our country. Sometimes used to scare and intimidate all other road users. Ultimately a law unto themselves. Could also be classified as a large mobile coffin.

Eish!!! You tell me what it means. I really love this expression.

Lekka!! or Lekker!!

Nice, Very Nice, Beyond Nice

Butch Hannan

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