Amazing South Africa

South Africa is an amazing country for some very different reasons. We have some very beautiful regions with scenes of unbelievable beauty. There are some enormous game parks with an assortment of wild animals, birds and reptiles. Where else in the world can you go into a park like our Kruger National Park where many species can be viewed from your car or a tour bus. You can actually watch nature doing its own thing. You may be lucky enough to witness a pride of lions stalking and ambushing something like a zebra or wildebeest and actually making a kill.

We have a very diverse country with areas which are highlands going down to tropical areas with some very interesting semi desert areas in between. We have some very beautiful fauna and flora which is specific to South Africa. Who cannot but marvel at the beauty that the flowers in Namaqualand present to us when they bloom. Who cannot be in awe of the African sunsets that we can enjoy.

If you are a person who likes the sea we have a very long and beautiful coastline. There are many great beaches where you can swim and surf to your heart’s desire. South Africa is renowned for its sunshine which costs you nothing and is more often than not available. There are many restaurants where you can fortify the inner man with whatever nourishment he wants.

Our fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables and meat and poultry are of a very high standard. I believe that nowhere else in the world do you get such quality produce at such reasonable prices. I have bought produce from other parts of the world which have appeared in our shops and I have been horribly disappointed. I know that we export our best produce to overseas countries. I wonder what they send to us.

We are known as the Rainbow Nation. We have a diverse population which covers almost the entire spectrum of the human race. The only people that I have not found in South Africa are Eskimos. We are world leaders in many fields. We have produced many leading world figures in mining, engineering, technology, medicine, music, art and literature to name but a few. You name it we have done it or are busy doing it.

On the other side of the coin amazing South Africa presents another very ugly face that we sometimes try to hide from the world. We arguably have some of the highest crime figures in the world. Armed robbery which is accompanied often by unspeakable violence where the victims are beaten and tortured in various barbaric ways. Quite often this takes shape in the form of shooting, stabbing, rape, strangulation with electric cords and burning with boiling water and a hot iron. The perpetrators of these crimes display a hatred that is difficult to explain.

We are the rape capital of the world. For some obscure reason supposedly civilized individuals commit the most horrendous rapes. The victims are sometimes little girls of a couple of years old with the youngest recorded age a couple of months old. Most of the little girls are murdered after being raped. All I can say is Sick!! Sick!!! Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also read about murders of young children for medicinal purposes (muti murders). The sexual organs, heart, and liver are often removed by some individual for their nefarious activities.

The South African society that we live in is quite often involved in bribery and corruption. People in the state organizations as well as the private sector are guilty of this. Billions of Rands have been lost in this way. These funds could have been better spent in education and the upliftment of the under-privileged masses in our country.

The reason that I am writing this piece is that I have been accused of a degree of negativity in my writings and poems. If you stick your head in the sand and ignore the last four paragraphs then South Africa is a wonderful country. Just remember that if you look past a wrongdoing and do nothing about it, are you in fact not condoning that particular action.

Butch Hannan

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