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I am from yesterday as I am 75 years old. I am writing from the point of view of a child from yesterday. Yesterday we did not have all the modern technological gadgets and wonders of the modern day. Here I refer to items like the internet, PC games and all the other wonderful marvels of this modern age.

As a small child I had the privilege of spending my first couple of years on a dairy farm. The only items that my mother purchased from the grocer were tea, coffee, sugar flour and salt. All the other items such as meat, milk, butter and vegetables were produced on the farm. The meat was in the form of chicken, mutton, pork or beef and mostly all came from the farm. With the exception of the meat that was salted everything else was fresh. The vegetables you had with your dinner were always picked a couple of hours before the meal. There were no deep frozen convenience packs for you to simply empty into a pot of boiling water. The bread we ate was baked by my mother. We used fresh farm butter and homemade jam.

When I got to boarding school our recreation was also a lot different to what the children indulge in today. We had no television, video or PC games. Our games during play times were of a very physical nature. We played various ball games in addition to games like running red rover (tag) or rusty chain. These sometimes got banned when some individual broke a bone.

During organized school sport the training consisted of physical training and actually playing the game concerned. Gymnasiums were unheard of in those days. We played hard and other than broken bones and joint sprains none of us knew about a hamstring injury. We in fact had very few injuries and I wonder whether this could be attributed to our upbringing. We had wholesome fresh food and plenty of physical exercise in the games that we played to amuse ourselves.

Today when I look at children I worry about them. They spend hours sitting in front of computers playing games. Part of this is because of the dangerous times that we live in as they cannot go and play outside safely. The food that we eat today is not fresh in the sense that I know and enjoyed as a child. The expectations that parents have for their children also place an awful lot of pressure on them. They are not allowed to be children as I was when I was growing up.

Tomorrow!!. What does this hold for us as the human race. I can see us doing our thing in a horizontal prone position. Medical science will keep us on this earth longer and I sometimes wonder why.

Butch Hannan

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