The Problem or the Solution

As we go through life we tend to point a finger at other peoples shortcomings and transgressions. We are very quick to condemn, judge and generally talk badly about other people. What we forget is that when we point a finger at another person three fingers point back at us with the thumb going off at a tangent. We really need to look at ourselves and ask some searching questions of who we are.

The first one that comes to mind is “speed cops” When we are caught breaking the traffic regulations do we pay bribes when they are solicited by the officers or do we openly ask what his price is. Motorists talk openly of how they pay bribes and actually think they are being clever. I know one individual who paid his bribe with a cash cheque.

Do we live a Jekyll and Hyde existence between our place of work and our homes? Some of us are absolute models of society at work but turn into monsters in our homes. The reverse is true in some cases where at work we are involved in telling dirty jokes, being nasty to our fellow workers and generally being unpleasant, and yet at home, we are model citizens.

Do we tell “white lies” The classic one of course is where we tell our children to tell unwanted visitors that we are not at home while we hide under the bed? The good answer for the child is of course to tell the visitor his parents cannot see them because they are hiding under the bed. Children are not born as liars. We teach them to be liars.

The choice lies with us as to whether we are the problem or the solution. If you pay bribes, talk badly or tell lies you are part of the problem. Do not pay bribes, talk without telling bad jokes and do not lie.  You are then part of the solution.

A sobering thought to end with is that there are only two people that you cannot lie to and that is the person who looks back at you in the mirror and God. As Christians we need to remember that God knows and is aware of our every thought deed and action.

Butch Hannan

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