Teacher Beware

This is a story that was told to me by my brother John. Having a twisted sense of humour this one appeals to me. John went to a dual medium school in Lydenburg. Lydenburg being a mainly Afrikaans speaking town John and his fellow English speaking children were very much in the minority. There were at the most about half a dozen English speaking families in Lydenburg.

John was subjected to a lot of abuse because of his English background. There was verbal and physical abuse. This got to John and he ran away from school and went to the dairy in town which belonged to my father. John complained to my father bitterly about what a certain teacher had said to him concerning his English back ground. Our father listened to John and then told him he must go back to the school. John was horribly disappointed at this result and no doubt hated the old man at that time.

Dad Hannan was a very large imposing man. He always wore khaki clothing with his pants secured by braces. He always had a large stetson type hat on and always carried a sjambok with him looped round his right wrist.

John said all was forgiven and he literally swelled with pride when he saw Dad entering the school obviously on a mission. Dad located the teacher concerned and began to lay into him. Luckily for the teacher he could run a lot faster than our father which minimized the damage to him.

I wonder today how many of you would have loved to do what my father did. I felt many times like this when my children seemed to be getting the thin end of the wedge at school.

Butch Hannan

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