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The 2010 world cup has come and gone. The euphoria and sense of wellbeing that was created by this event was truly amazing. It made one proud to be a South African. The fact that we managed to make a success in spite of all the doom and gloom before the event is a very big feather in the cap of South Africa.

However, I feel very badly let down as a citizen of this country. Granted we have some beautiful state of the art stadiums but we are still left with the following.

Poverty and unemployment will most probably get a lot worse. We have beautiful stadiums but millions of people are hungry and live in sub human dwellings. Education and health services are in bad shape. As a nation we somehow seem to have a penchant for compounding the ills that beset this country.

Crime is rampant. I have got the following statistics from http://www.nationmaster.com

We have 21,553 murders, 393,959 burglaries, 52,425 rapes. Many burglaries and rapes are never reported as many of the victims have no faith in our law enforcement authorities or the judicial system. The general feeling is why waste your time in reporting something that you know is not going to get anything done about it. One can only think what these actual stats should be.

The conviction rate for murders is about 11%. If you put this into actual figures what you get is about 19,000 murders that have not been solved. Only about 5% of rape cases ever end in a conviction. This means that you have just fewer than 50,000 rape cases that have never been solved. If you take these figures for a three year period it will mean that you have approximately 57,000 murder and 150,000 rape cases that remain unsolved. The sobering thought is that the perpetrators of these crimes are happily living amongst our people. I will not go to the burglaries as the statistics are even worse.

So what has changed to help improve the lives of our people? You tell me.

Butch Hannan

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  1. The underlying issue in our society is that the Government has failed dismally in providing a safe secure environment for the citizens of this country to live and work in. You are not safe riding on our roads, living in Houghton, Soweto or Guguletu.Crime is King.The politicians are getting wealthier and fatter everyday at our expense. The only way is for the voters to exercise their rights and vote them out of power. Would the ANC graciously accept defeat. I doubt it. Like the rest of Africa they would find some way of staying in power. Absolute power has corrupted them totally.
    Just for the record I have been involved in helping educate some of our deprived citizens which I have done for many years.
    Butch Hannan

    1. Well…the sad truth is that you may be right about our decent onto A Zimbabwe type catastrophy ala plenty of Africa. The positive/happy truth is that you may very well be wrong too! I question the wisdom of voting problems away. That is to say, people run the government. it is essentially people messing it up. The famously sadistic & oprresive government of the 1950’s for instance was comprised of people – like you and me. This is whay I say that until fundamental progress is made in the behaviour, education and outlook of ‘each’ individual (or at least some to start), we will not become/build the utopian society some belive we should have. Before you vote ‘anybody’ in to spearhead per-existing sentiment and activity they must first demonstrate their capacity with some activity me thinks…not politicing

  2. Well..

    Firstly you could look at ways of assisting litracy levels in your area, being a writer. That is after school reading programs for instance. The reason for this is the common denominator of poverty in ‘most’ crimes in South Africa. The education system fails many South Africans leaving them hopless. ‘Our country’ for that matter even struggles with what to do with the educated, but thats another point.
    The government is responsible for security, education, health care to name a few key areas of focus. Are they coping. NO. Even in firt world economies inflation economic recessions ‘en alles’ make public service delivery a tuff nut to crack. Our guys (the Government) are operating below par, this is a fact ‘me thinks’. That said in many first world countries the citizens take greater responsibility for their circumstances (whether self created, as a result of history or niether).

    You need to use your imagination to influence positively your environment. Partner all your neighbors (business included) & find a way/s. The government still must pitch up though. Those in public office will never solve ALL our problems, they are us after all. Therfore we as individuals in my opinion need to do more. I can give you many examles of South Africans on all sides of the imagined racial devide who are positively contributing.

    My writing is not to challange you or assert that you do nothing, I am merely commenting on the specific article you wrote here. As to the question of revolution, you need not be worried. This is not the time for wars – that time is over. For people who hav e been fighting for years/generations it may take a revolution to stop. A revolution in thought and sentiment though. I mean change internaly by revolution, nothing more.

    I like some of your poetry and generally your candid and heartfelt views which I have read.

  3. Hi Xolani,
    What role do you suggest that I play. You use the word revolution which worries me a bit. If you read some of my poetry on my website you will hopefully see where I come from.
    The Government has let the citizens of our country down very badly.


  4. Buth

    You are asking the wrong question. Although your point/question is burried in FACTS. The correct question in my view is what have I & those I call friend & family done? The only change/revolution is inward & begins with the individual, rather than sysyems, bodies, institutions, angencies & governments. Do not get me wrong, they (government, agencies etc.) are not absolved from responsibility. Its just that you my brother have a role to play that must be quetioned too.


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