The Ultimate Insult to South Africans by Jacob Zuma

The committee that has absolved Jacob Zuma from having to pay for the so-called non security additions to his Nkandla residence has left me cold. Any person who believes the findings of this “Crony Committee” is an idiot. I am assuming that most South Africans are not idiots so hardly anyone in this country should believe this report.
The justification given for the acceptance of the security upgrades is actually laughable. Maybe Leon Schuster should make a movie about this so that we can all have a really good laugh. A lot of comedy is based on facts bad or good and this should be a really good money spinner for Leon. I am sure he would have a field day over the swimming pool and chickens.
There are many payouts to failed parastatal CEO, s amounting to many millions at the taxpayers’ expense. These concern our favourite topics such as Eskom, SAA, Denel, SABC, Land Bank etc. Alan Mukoki of the Land Bank received a R7M severance package when there was an R 2 billion fraud at this institution.
Our President is very adept at getting rid of opposition that develops within his own ranks. A situation has developed in quite a few instances where some of his appointed people are given “Golden Handshakes” for digging into his affairs. This is a nice way of earning you a very nice pension.
Some of these are:
Lawrence Mushwana R7M
Vusi Pikoli R7.5M
Dramat R20M? He must have a very big story to tell
Mxolisi NXasana has not yet happened but rumoured to be R7M
I wonder just how long the voters of this country will put up with the scheming of our president. I trust they are not idiots so we should be able to get rid of him. He is an embarrassment to our country.
Butch Hannan

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