Creation of this Website

Man and P C

For many years I have tried to launch a decent website. During this time I tried  opening a couple of different websites and blogs but with no real success. I found it very difficult to make head or tails of the internet jargon or language or whatever you want to call it. The internet has a langauge of its own and I found myself not really understanding the protocols involved in setting up a decent website. Things did not work properly and I was basically unhappy with my efforts.

I found myself approaching various website builders to construct a website for me. I was quoted anything from about R4000-00 to R20,000-00 to build a website. In spite of these quotes none of them really seemed anxious to actually do the job for me. You also have to pay the money or a large portion of it up front. They also wanted to charge me a monthly fee of a couple of hundred Rands per month to organize the hosting.

The internet also offers many free websites. You will in all probability find a few adverts on this website offering you a free website. I have become rather cynical when I receive free offers for anything unless I personally know and trust the source. At my age in life I have come to the conclusion that most freebies have some string attached and will reel you in sooner or later.

The one idea behind this website was to generate an extra income from the adverts that appear on the different pages. As a result of this I came into contact with Pieter Pretorius on the internet and I purchased his e-book about making extra money on the internet. I found this very helpful and it got me going in the right direction. Pieter then brought out a CD about creating your own website which I purchased  for R750-00. This was money well worth spent when you see the results of it in this website and also bearing in mind what I was quoted. This is virtually a “monkey see monkey do”  instruction on this CD. Even an internet dumb creature like me had this website up and running in less than three days. I even had 543 spammers crawling over my site during today but luckily I have protection and I was able to delete them and send them on their way.

What I like about this CD is that it has done the following for me:-

  1. This is my Website of which I am very proud and passionate about.
  2. I have total control of the written content of this website.
  3. I can correct, change, amend or add whatever I want to at the virtual click of a button.
  4. It is professionally hosted at the massive monthly fee of R8-95.
  5. Within three weeks Google has accepted this website into their search engine.

If you are considering doing anything like me I would urge you to visit the link at the bottom of this page. If you purchase this CD you will save yourself money and above all a lot of aggravation.

Butch Hannan